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Top Tips on How To Present Your Home for Sale

1. Distance Yourself from Your Home 

  • Try to disassociate yourself from the emotions attached to the property and focus on the house belonging to someone else.
  • Imagine handing over the keys to the new owners and look forward the future.


2. Remove Personal Items 

  • Don’t distract buyers with your personal photographs and heirlooms as they can be off putting.   Buyers have to imagine their own personal items on the walls and windows and your personal items can put viewers off.  You want a buyer to imagine them living in the home.


3.  Keep it Tidy 

  • Only when you start to tidy do you realise the amount of unwanted junk you have collected
  • Donate to charity or throw out
  • Pack away the clutter, especially from kitchen worktops.
  • Place essential items in a box which you can store when viewers visit
  • Remember it makes packing so much easier if you clean out in advance.


4. Don’t Forget The Cupboards

  • Viewers will often open cupboard doors so making sure they are tidy and organised sends out the right message to potential buyers – if they are this tidy then they must take good care of the rest of the house!
  • Neatly stack the kitchen cupboards, including the tins of food!
  • Co-ordinate your wardrobe so that shoes look tidy and clothes hung neatly 


5. Consider Storage

  • Most homes look better with less furniture – just look at showhomes for an example.   If possible ask friends if you can store some furniture items short term or even rent storage space.
  • Keep the key items in the room, for example, dining table, sofa, but remove anything which makes the room look smaller or makes it difficult for viewers to walk around the room


6. Let us Know the Items You Want to Take 

  • Make sure you advise us of any fixtures or fittings you want to take with you we can make provisions within the sales literature.  For example, light fittings or curtains, but make sure you replace them.  You don’t want to disappoint a viewer by telling them they can’t have an item.


7.  Make Repairs 

  • Make sure you undertake any minor repair jobs, for example,
  • Mend leaky taps
  • Replace cracked tiles
  • Make sure doors and cupboard doors close properly
  • Paint anywhere needing touched up, and consider neutral colours where possible
  • Make sure all the light bulbs are working and replace with energy efficient bulbs where possible


8.  Clean, clean and clean again

  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Borrow or rent a pressure washer and clean patios
  • Polish chrome taps, and anything that glitters
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Vacuum and wax floors
  • Dust everywhere 
  • Hang up fresh towels in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Place attractive fragrances in key rooms


9. Imagine You Are a Visitor 

  • Stand outside your front door, what do you think, is the house welcoming?  Does the garden look neat and tidy?
  • Stand outside each room and imagine how it would look to a potential buyer?
  • Do you need to move the furniture around, does it have the wow factor?
  • If you open the blinds do the rooms look better with more natural light
  • Can you place flowers, bowls of fruit, candles and brewing coffee in the kitchen to make the property look more homely
  • Make sure all the televisions, music centres and computers are switched off so there are no distractions by noise


10. Kerb Appeal 

  • First impressions always count so don’t forget the exterior of your home
  • Cut the grass and tidy any weeds
  • Are the window frames and door nicely painted
  • Consider placing a planter of flowers at the front door 

Now relax and look forward to welcoming your first viewers.

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It was nice to see our clients, Tom Moore and Chandra Isenberg, featuring on Location Location Location on Wednesday 27 September.  They were both very calm, cool and collected and came across really well.

Edinburgh also showcased superbly. Wonderful photography of the City’s celebrated architecture combining with beach scenes at Cramond and nearby unspoilt countryside in East Lothian demonstrated why Scotland’s capital is so sought after.

Tom and Chandra evidently enjoyed the experience but have been in touch with us to say that they found our service far more valuable.  Their conclusion was that you can’t beat local knowledge when purchasing a home. They found us to be very helpful and informative throughout the entire process, particularly at the crucial Offer and conclusion of missives stages. 

Tom and Chandra are now happily settled in their new home in Cramond, which was very much a lifestyle purchase.  Their story underlines the importance of personal service tailored to the requirements of the individual seeking advice.  At More Property and Morisons that level of service remains very much our focus.


The number of first time buyers has reached a ten year high, increasing for the third consecutive year.

In 2016, 49% of all house purchases financed by a mortgage were made by first time buyers.  However, the average UK first-time buyer deposit has doubled to £32,321 whilst in Scotland it is £20,729.

Stirling is the most affordable local authority district in the UK, followed by Inverclyde and West Dunbartonshire.


The average selling price for properties in east central Scotland rose according to the latest research from ESPC.

The most popular properties to sell between October and December 2016 were two bedroom flats.  The predicted trend for 2017, according to the ESPC, is that a seller’s market will continue.


Mortgage affordability continues to be strong in Scotland.

Average payments totalled 19.8 per cent of disposable earnings, compared to the UK figure of almost 30%, according to new figures from the Bank of Scotland.

In Edinburgh, however, the picture is different with mortgage payments accounting for 24 per cent of disposable income.

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